Jeffrey A. Wolfe

Contact Information

Postal Mail: P.O. Box 292557, Columbus, OH 43229
Electronic mail:
World Wide Web:
Jeffrey A. Wolfe

Programming Environments

OS/390 (MVS): VS COBOL, COBOL II, Easytrieve, Rexx, CLIST, ISPF, JCL, Telon, IMS DB/DC, Pascal, SAS, DB2, SQL
MS-Windows: Borland Delphi, Visual BASIC, Toolbook, dBASE 5, Borland C++, ReportSmith, Crystal Reports, SQL, MicroStrategy
MS-DOS: BASIC, dBASE III+/IV, Foxbase+, DOS/4DOS batch, Borland C++, Pascal
Internet: HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, MySQL, PHP 3
Other: TRS-80 Model I BASIC, Commodore 64 BASIC

Work Environments

Operating Systems and shells/interfaces
DOS/Windows: DOS command line, MS-Windows 3.x/95/98/Me, 4DOS
Windows NT: Windows NT Server
Unix (Linux, SunOS): bash, ksh, X Window System
Other: TRS-80 Model I, Commodore 64, TRS-80 Model 100, Sharp Zaurus, PalmOS

Novell NetWare, SMB (Windows, Samba), Banyan VINES, Artisoft LANtastic

Work Experience

For more information, see Mainframe Projects, Microcomputer Projects, Internet Projects.
JW Computer Consulting
October 1988 - present
Capacity: President, Owner, Consultant

Careworks Technologies
January 1998 - September 2000
November 1992 - June 1997
Capacity: Independent Consultant

ComputerPeople Consulting Services
November 1991 - June 1992
Capacity: Software Consultant

Lenco Computer Consulting
November 1990 - February 1991
Capacity: Independent Consultant

Capital Data Systems, Inc.
October 1987 - July 1990
Capacity: Programmer, Systems Analyst, Project Coordinator

Distinguished Software
November 1987 - present
Capacity: General Partner

Mainframe Projects

Project: CRIS-E
Client: Ohio Department of Human Services/Deloitte & Touche
Summary: Statewide public assistance project
-- CRIS-E Application Programming, Mainframe
Created over 20 on-line and batch programs with JCL job streams
Modified over 150 on-line and batch programs (Telon, COBOL, and Easytrieve)
Modified over 350 Production job streams (plus associated catalogued procedures)
Provided on-call and on-site support for nightly batch cycle
-- Support Programming, Mainframe
Created over 20 CLISTs/Rexx execs, with calls to ISPF and SCLM services
Modified over 40 CLISTs/Rexx execs
Developed system in SAS and FileAid to support CRIS-E/SETS interface testing
-- CRIS-E Application Programming, Micro
Maintained two Delphi applications with Crystal Reports API calls and ODBC access to mainframe DB2
Modified 10 Crystal Reports reports, each with multiple sub-reports
Supported and enhanced reports developed in InfoReports; later ported them to MicroStrategy
-- Support Programming, Micro
Developed system in Visual BASIC for checking out program specifications
Devloped Word Perfect macro to automate conversion of over 700 program specification documents
Coordinated development in Paradox of system to track CRIS-E software installation
-- Data Warehouse/Decision Support Systems
Developed 96 published reports in MicroStrategy Architect/Agent and deployed them in Broadcaster
Supported and enhanced web front-end to MicroStrategy projects on intranet servers
Worked with MicroStrategy consultants to develop and implement QBE-like web interface to MicroStrategy
Managed deployment of two distinct Decision Support Systems to over 50 users
Coordinated resolution of technical issues amongst user community, development staff, mainframe support, network support, and DB2 and Oracle database administrators
-- Software Configuration and Library Manager (SCLM) Maintenance and Support
Provided user and technical support for over 100 SCLM users
Maintained over 8000 architecture definitions in SCLM
Prepared (and later revised) SCLM handbook/training manual of over 130 pages
Provided SCLM training sessions for over a dozen SCLM users
Provided SCLM technical assistance to other state projects (e.g. SETS, MMIS, ICMS)
Modified SCLM project definitions and user exit routines to facilitate new business model
Worked with Technical Support Unit to test/customize new version of ISPF/SCLM
Developed and executed a Disaster Recovery test plan for SCLM in an off-site environment
Helped coordinate upgrade of over 400 on-line Telon programs in SCLM
Provided SCLM technical consulting for CRIS-E Y2K conversion project
-- Product Evaluation
Evaluated Easytrieve/Workstation
Evaluated CA-Verify (mainframe testing tool)
January 1998 - September 2000
January 1993 - June 1997
November 1991 - June 1992
April 1989 - June 1989
October 1987 - February 1989
COBOL II, Telon, Easytrieve, TSO/ISPF, MVS JCL, IMS DB/DC, DB2, Oracle, SCLM, Borland Delphi, Windows 95, Windows NT, Banyan VINES, Novell NetWare, MicroStrategy, Crystal Reports, InfoReports, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, ODBC

Project: MIIS
Client: Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation/Consultec
Summary: Fee bill tracking; based on Medicaid systems from Florida, West Virginia, and Ohio
Directly supervised 2 analysts
Our team converted the EMP subsystem; over 20 batch programs
Converted Reference subsystem's 5 batch programs
Created 5 JCL streams for EMP, Reference, and Bills subsystems
Dates: October 1989 - July 1990

Project: MMIS
Client: Ohio Department of Human Services/Consultec
Summary: Statewide Medicaid system
Maintained batch programs
Ad-hoc reporting
Dates: February 1989 - March 1989

Project: MMIS (Rebid)
Client: Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare/Unisys
Summary: State Medicaid system, rewrite of old system
Created over 125 Production job streams in 4 subsystems
Modified over 250 Production job streams in 8 subsystems
Coordinated initial parallel tests
Dates: November 1990 - February 1991

Microcomputer Projects

Project: CRIS-E
See: CRIS-E in Mainframe Projects section.

Project: PAR System
Client: E & E Benefit Plans, Inc.
Summary: System to report on profitability of insurance groups
Designed and developed system
Dates: November 1992 - December 1992
Environment: dBASE III+

Project: Client Database Reporting
Client: Huntington Trust Company, N.A.
Summary: System to selectively print client information
Determined user requirements
Designed and developed system
Dates: October 1992, December 1992
Environment: dBASE III+

Project: Nurse Aide/Abuse Registry (NAR)
Client: Ohio Department of Health/Ernst & Young
Summary: System to track nurse aides, and incidences of abuse by them
Designed and developed PC-based multiuser system of 17 programs
Created user and system documentation
Dates: March 1989, June 1989 - July 1989
Environment: Multiuser Foxbase+ (xBASE)

Project: Fortune Cookie
Summary: Gives one of over 9000 fortunes every time it is run
Designed and developed program to give fortunes
Designed and developed system that compresses fortune file over 60%
  • Uses proprietary indexing scheme with multiple indexes
DOS version released as shareware; Windows version developed but never released
Dates: March 1988 - November 1994
Environment: GW/Turbo/PowerBASIC, Borland C++, Visual BASIC

Project: Block "O" Stunt Management System
Summary: Automated system to manage card flashing stunts
Client: Block "O" cheering section of the Ohio State University
Designed and developed PC-based system to manage card stunts
  • 1100 people each given list to tell which of 10 colored cards to show for up to 60 card stunts; coordinator has master list
  • Stunts are designed and modified on the screen in color (WYSIWYG)
  • Coordinator chooses stunts, system prints 1100 lists and master
Converted system to create "Script Ohio" with colored cards
Rewrote program from the ground up for Windows
May 1997, September 1997 - December 1997 (Windows version)
September 1987 - August 1991 (DOS version)
Environment: Turbo/PowerBASIC (DOS), Borland Delphi (Windows)

Project: Capital Data Systems Payroll
Summary: Internal company payroll system
Maintained over 20 programs
Dates: July 1989 - August 1989
Environment: dBase III+, Clipper

Project: JW Computer Consulting network
Summary: SMB (Windows, Samba) Network running over TCP/IP over 10-BaseT Ethernet
Designed and implemented 10-node network at remote company location
Configured networked PCs and ISDN router gateway
Assisted with cable drops and jack wiring
January 1998 - present (maintenance)
November 1997 - January 1998 (initial installation)
Environment: TCP/IP, Ethernet, SMB (Windows, Samba)

Internet Projects

Project: The Brettish Empire
Summary: Jeremy Brett Fanzine
Maintained web site (originally archive of email fanzine, later web-only)
Dates: November 1995 - November 1999
Environment: HTML, Windows Notepad, FTP

Project: Jeff Wolfe'e Web Site
Summary: Personal web site
Maintained web site of personal links
See Pages I Maintain section for other pages of original content.
Dates: July 1994 - present
Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Windows Notepad, Allaire HomeSite (and various other editors), FTP

Project: Libertarian Party of Ohio
Summary: Political web site
Maintained and updated web site
Dates: May 1999 - July 2000
Environment: HTML, JavaScript, Windows Notepad (and various other editors), FTP

Other Projects

Project: Prepackaged software contracting
Summary: Sales of software to federal, state, and local agencies
Sent company information to over 600 purchasers
Developed automated system to track bids and contracts
Sent out over 10 bids; received 3 contracts
Dates: August 1989 - October 1989
Environment (for tracking system): Foxbase+

Client: Heart Cleaning Service
Summary: A general cleaning company specializing in home/small business
Managed all facets of business while owner was on vacation
Supervised 4 employees
Managed client schedules and handled calls from clients
Dates: July 1992

Other Financial and Management Experience

Libertarian Party of Ohio
January 2000 - present
Elected Region Representative in January, 2000
Elected Region Chair in January, 2001
Capacity: Central Region Representative to State Executive Committee, Central Region Chair

Jeff Wolfe 2000
February 2000 - November 2000
Capacity: Candidate for Franklin County Commissioner, Deputy Treasurer

Estate of Ernest E. Emswiler
January 1992 - July 1994
Capacity: Co-executor

Investors of Central Ohio
May 1992 - December 1993
Capacity: General Partner, Financial Partner (Treasurer)

Microcomputer Software Experience

Hundreds of commercial, shareware, and free software packages, including:
Word Processors: MS-Word, WordPerfect, Word Star, Office Writer
Spreadsheets: MS-Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 123
Databases: dBASE, Foxbase/FoxPro, Paradox, MS-Access, MySQL
Presentation: MS-PowerPoint, Visio, MS-Publisher
Utility Packages: PCTools, Norton Utilities
Online Services: CompuServe, America Online, Prodigy
Internet: Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer, Eudora Light, Free Agent
Remote Access: Procomm Plus, Rumba, IRMALAN, PC Anywhere, Cygwin/XFree86
Others: SPF/PC, Quicken, MS-Project, Lotus Organizer, GroupWise, Allaire HomeSite


Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems
Completed June 1987
DeVry Institute of Technology
Graduation with Honors
GPA: 3.57/4.00

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems
Completed February 1987
DeVry Institute of Technology
Graduation with Honors

January 2000 - May 2000
Advanced Learning Labs

MicroStrategy Fast Track
June 1999
MicroStrategy, Inc.

November 1998 - December 1998
Platinum, Inc.

SCLM Implementation for ISPF Version 4
September 1996
International Business Machines

Project Management and Evaluation
December 1989
The Ohio State University

DB2 Concepts
July 1989
International Business Machines

Clubs and Organizations

National Space Society (1985-present)
International Jugglers Association (1990-present)
Libertarian Futurist Society (2000-present)
Forest Park Civic Association (2000-present)
Amateur Radio Relay League (2001-present)