InstaPundit Inspired Blogs

Here is a list of blogs that were inspired by InstaPundit. Glenn Reynolds posted the initial version of this list to InstaPundit on April 7, 2002. He didn't post them as hyperlinks, though, so I created this list to remedy that little shortcoming. When Professor Reynolds and several online news sources linked to it, traffic to my site skyrocketed. Which was fairly cool.

Then people started sending me their names, asking to be added to the list. At first, I was reluctant to add any names, fearing that maintaining "InstaPundit Inspired" would take over my life, or something. Which wouldn't be quite so cool. So far, there haven't been too many changes, so I added an addendum at the bottom with new names. If you want to send me something for the list, please include the word "InstaPundit" somewhere in the subject of your email. I make no promises about timeliness, but I'll probably make updates from time to time, as needed. Maybe someday I'll even be motivated to make this page "pretty."

In the meantime, enjoy.

Last Updated: October 24, 2003
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InstaPundit Inspired Blogs, Jeffrey A. Wolfe